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Where passions meet learning

We know that you have academic passions which are worth expressing and Edzuki helps you to share them in the most meaningful way. Join the passionate individuals who are already sharing on Edzuki.

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Paths are limitless

We believe in a platform where learning is based on exploration and discovery by the individual. Push yourself, stir your imagination and keep on exploring!

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Dream bigger

Learning should never stop. We believe that people with passion can change the world. Inspire others by sharing knowledge you have learnt whether it’s through video tutorials or written work.

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Individuals matter

We believe that individuals have their own distinctive ways of creating content, and it is this uniqueness, which we treasure. Individuals who focus their passion on inspiring future generations, are the ones who ultimately move education forward.  

Our Team

John Tan - Founder

Year 13 student studying Sociology, Geography and Economics. Intrigued by the combination of psychology and technology. Believe that there are certain issues within education that need to be tackled for society to move forward to a better place. Individuals within education do matter. Aspire to empower individuals by creating a world which adapts to different people and the uniqueness which individuals possess. In search for those who think alike.

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