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Work Hard, Trade Hard?

As the US and China are developing into a trade war, let us consider the implications of globalization and protectionism and there effect on the developing world.


The 50 Year Grudge Of Havana and Washington D.C


Just south of Florida lies the ostracized paradise of the idyllic island nation of Cuba. The now communist state, led by Raul Castro, has evolved from one of America’s allies to now a nation that the USA fails to see eye to eye with.




Career: As Yet Untitled

When discussing the careers of the future, there is often talk of several jobs being automated with technological advances in robotics. However, robots are still a long way from taking over, and in the meantime, the changing nature of labour market means that there will be new jobs in the future that do not exist now, but what are these jobs?




Your Degree Does not Define You!


What can a degree do for you? It is, in essence, a piece of paper that a university has provided you in recognition of your ability within a subject. That piece of paper, of course, does have its uses of course when attempting to find a job, however not having a degree does not mean that you cannot be successful.




The Economics of Rappers and Athletes


The law of demand states that the quantity demanded for a good has an inverse relationship to its price. This is self-explanatory if we look at a general example of a bar of chocolate. At a high price, few people will want to buy a bar of chocolate, but equally that same bar of chocolate at a low price will mean that many people will want to buy it.




The Issue with Zero-Hour Contracts

The UK unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since 1975 and is currently estimated at 4.3% in the latest figures. This news should be good for all but these figures hide a darker secret as several firms, including the high street giants of Sports Direct and McDonald's are coming under fire for their increasing use of zero-hour contracts.




Kenya Runs Ahead in the Money Game too

On the streets of Nairobi, the hustle of trade consumes everything around you, yet much of this happens without a banknote or coin in sight. In 2012, Uber made it possible for you to pay for your taxi by your phone, but this was possible in Kenya since 2007. In Kenya, you can pay for almost anything with your phone through the means of simple text message.




Money: The Economic Glue That Holds The World Together


Money makes the world go round, it really does. Look everywhere around you, and you will find money changing hands. Everybody has certain goods and services that they want to buy, and everybody around the world does this with money, making it so important.




Oligopoly: A Market You've Never Heard Of.


Other than the “popular” board game that you may have unwillingly played with your family, a monopoly refers to an economic market situation where there exists only one firm that provides a good or service.




Business Culture: The Hidden Key To Success

What separates a good company to an extraordinary company? The answer is not a well-defined strategy, or even a key inspirational leader although these are important. Creating a successful company requires a business culture that works for everyone.




The Schools of Economics

Macroeconomics can broadly be defined as a branch of economics that studies the behaviour, structure and decisions of economies as a whole. However, economics is a social science and with this, it creates varying opinions and beliefs leading to the schools of economics, that see the world in different ways and have varying explanations of economic phenomenon.