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Full Stack Developer


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…a full-stack developer to help us build the initial version of Edzuki. You will have the responsibility of crafting Edzuki, working with the team to translate ideas & concepts into working features. You are an individual who is technically versatile, possessing experience in both frontend and backend. You consider yourself to be technically versatile and always up to the challenge of learning new ways to improve yourself and the way you build products. You love working on complex problems, whether it be on your own or with others around you.

You are also in search of work experience that you cannot get at any large firm or incumbent "edtech" firms. You are willing to step out of your comfort zone and work with interesting individuals with a range of backgrounds. You want to work on something bigger than yourself whilst at the same time improving yourself as an individual.

What's on offer?

A chance to work for an edtech firm which believes in individuals first, rather than technology. Edzuki wasn't created to improve grades or "progress" although we may do that too. Edzuki was built on the firm belief that if you show trust towards students & teachers so that they can be their true selves, then educational experiences will improve.

You will also have the opportunity to work with team members who are part of the demographic that Edzuki is aimed for. This means that you'll have a clear, direct insight into whether the projects you work on here at Edzuki, have an impact on students & teachers and their educational experiences as a whole.

We're not a typical edtech firm and we don't plan to be. We think that by bringing real sociological & psychological research on education into the realm of technology, we can help to improve the educational experiences of students & teachers.

Meaningful equity offered.

How to apply?

Send us your CV to team@edzuki.com and if you do have one, a portfolio of any projects you have worked on.

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