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Computer Systems

This topic introduces computer systems and provides a foundation for the remaining topics in this unit. Candidates should develop a mental model of a computer system which comprises hardware and software.

Computing Hardware

GCSE Computer Science Theory: Computing Hardware. 1.2 Computing Hardware. Candidates should be able to define the term hardware and have an understanding of: The Central Processing Unit...

Software Concepts and Operating Systems

The Operating System (OS) of a computer is a set of software programs that control the way the user controls the computer and access application software. 

Data in Computer Systems

Candidates should be able to define the terms bit, nibble, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, understand that data needs to be converted into a binary format to be processed by a computer...


An address book, an encyclopaedia and a telephone directory are examples of paper-based manual databases. However, it is more common to talk about computerised databases. 


A Computer Network is a system of connected computers, peripherals and communication devices that can exchange data and share resources.


An computer algorithm is a sequence of statements (instructions) that can be executed (carried out) by a computer to perform a particular task.

Small Basic

A summary of some of the commands useful with the GCSE programming tasks