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Education: The Big Truths

Education. What does it all mean? A seemingly important pivot to our society or a mere illusion which we have created for ourselves? As we walk through the 21st century, we have to ask ourselves, are our education systems relevant and keeping up with the evolutions and revolutions which our population faces.

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Author Henry Hemming discusses his experiences as a writer

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Henry Hemming has published five works including titles from Agent M to The Ingenious Mr Pyke, a New York Times bestseller. Also a prominent writer on major outlets including The Economist, The Times and FT Magazine, his passion for history grew whilst studying History at Newcastle University. He has kindly given us the opportunity to interview him about his career, advice for aspiring history and English students and to share his experiences. 



From Journalist to Podcast Producer | Jessica Glazer discusses her experience within the Journalism Industry

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Our ability to access new information and ideas, brought by well-written and compelling sources, truly is a remarkable example of the opportunities which journalism can provide. Having worked in journalism from covering news on NBC to building ReportHers, Jessica Glazer is now a podcast producer for Fusion Media. Here, Jessica uncovers her advice for aspiring journalists and discusses her experiences when working in the journalism industry. 




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The Psychology of Exponential Growth

What does exponential growth have to do with underestimating people and so you may ask. The ideology that growth is dependent on previous results is evident in the world around us; whether you can see it or find examples of the above statement, the rule can be widely seen.



Does the education system inhibit creativity?

Conventional education... a great base of knowledge and an enriching effect to those who have access to it. It teaches us the norms and values of society, whilst providing us with knowledge useful for latter use in exams, degrees and our future careers. But does education really prevent us from "thinking outside the box"?



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The Business of Amazon

Amazon is by-now a household name and more than a renowned brand. It has shaped the online retail market, providing a diverse choice of products and services. You can buy almost anything on Amazon and choose for it to arrive the next day.




Mike Mish Shedlock Discusses Life as an Investment Advisor

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Being a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management, Mike also runs his own global economics blog where he writes and talks about economics issues and events from an Austrian Economics point of view. Here, he discusses his life as an investment advisor along with advice and tips for economics students. 



Founder & Director of Music & the Earth International Priya Parrotta | Life as an author

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Having a strong passion for music, the environment and writing, Founder & Director of Music & the Earth International Priya Parrotta, reveals her experiences as an author along with advice for aspiring young writers. Having published The Politics of Coexistence in the Atlantic World, Priya has gone off and worked in many well established organisations such as the Red Cross.




Founder of Pocket Scholar, Stephen Jensen discusses his experience at Harvard University

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Having attended a public high school, Stephen Jensen went on the study at Harvard University. Stephen is a true example of when hard work and perseverance combined, can enable you to achieve goals and accomplishments which you have set yourself. Stephen's desire to study at an elite university had propelled him to achieve spectacular progress. In this interview, he discusses his journey to Harvard University and his advice to younger students.  




Engineer Xiaohan Zeng Discusses Computer Science

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After being interviewed and successfully being offered careers at the top five companies in Silicon Valley, including Google and Airbnb, Xiaohan Zeng shares his experiences on life as an engineer, alongside a detailed reading list for students wishing to take a computer science course at university. 





Honorary Associate Professor Larry Baum | Harvard, Research and Science

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Having worked in a variety of educational institutional environments, Larry Baum is an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong. Having extensive experience in scientific research, Larry speaks to us about his time at Harvard, his profession as an educator and advice for students willing to apply for a science-related course at university. 





Essie Fox, author of The Last Days of Leda Grey, tells us more about life as an author

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Essie Fox was born and raised in Herefordshire. She studied English Literature at Sheffield University, going on to work in London, first in the world of publishing and then as a freelance artist -  eventually becoming a writer. Now published by Orion, Essie has been featured on Channel 4’s Book Club, has been shortlisted for the National Book Awards, and her debut The Somnambulist has been optioned for film/TV.