Does the education system inhibit creativity?

We never question the old ways.

Conventional education... a great base of knowledge and an enriching effect to those who have access to it. It teaches us the norms and values of society, whilst providing us with knowledge useful for latter use in exams, degrees and our future careers. But does education really prevent us from "thinking outside the box"?

Through the years

Teachers provide us with the knowledge we need, to help us understand the subject in hand. Whether it be Chemistry or History or even Geography, we all go through the learning process. Others uptake information faster than others with some taking some time to fully grasp certain concepts. We make notes, draw diagrams and recite key information which is deemed valuable.

And in most cases, the information has some useful benefits when correctly applied. I genuinely love the concept of teaching; it is, if not the most powerful tool in our world, a tool which renders great use. However, has conventional education taught us to just learn off the lines of knowledge and just accept the information given to us?

Old ways

Knowledge is given to us like facts. Only a few proportion of people ever stop and the question "Could this be done better?" or "Is this really true?" Our education system teaches us that there is only one right answer and anything which opposes it, is bluntly wrong. You'd be considered "stupid" and probably make a fool of yourself if you were to question a truth that was deeply considered to be right in the society we live in now.  

But what if that truth was actually incorrect?

I am not saying that everything that you have been taught is unreliable and that it is incorrect, but I am truly stating that we have, as a generation, have a habit of accepting new information because it has been deemed "true". Thus, there's no urge to be creative...think outside the box and fully examine the information we have been given.

Most of the times, people are too scared to think different. So they never even start to change their perspective but we can't blame them, right?

New ways

Critical thinking and creativity should be encouraged in every possible way, complementing the current education system. The education we receive may be perfect for basic learning but there is always an extent when education, solely, will not get you from place A to B.

Often, many transition to the real world only to realise that education hasn't taught them some major skills they thought they would be. The ability to think contrarian may be overlooked at first but the secrets of the world will be dependent on people changing their way of thinking and re-evaluating previous norms.

As Warren Buffet said, “A contrarian approach is just as foolish as a follow-the-crowd strategy. What’s required is thinking rather than polling.”