Nayshil Patel

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Nayshil Patel

I am interested in Modern History, British and American Politics and Charity Fundraising.


House Representative for Broughton at Queen Elizabeth's Boys School

Dec 2017 - Dec 2018

Being a role model to younger year groups and assisting them in PSHE lessons, organising assemblies and charity events.

Prefect at Queen Elizabeth's Boys School

Dec 2017 - Dec 2018

Using leadership and teamwork to perform assigned duties and responsibilities around the school.



I developed this throughout my years at school, and demonstrated it in my ability to manage my exams, other school work and other responsibilities and hobbies.

Public Speaking

I have acheived a Grade 8 in LAMDA Public Speaking, passing with Distinction, and I am currently undertaking a Diploma in Performance Studies, which included a recital and a dissertation.

Time Management and Punctuality

I have naturally always been quite a punctual person, and I have developed and shown my time management skills when revising for exams and completing projects and school work.

Clubs & Activities


May 2007 - Present

I took up golf as I used to go and watch my dad play, and as I have got better at it over the years I have begun to appreciate the mental and technical challenge it presents.


April 2006 - Present

I have played cricket for a long time as a means to maintain my fitness and enjoy myself.


Sep 2004 - Present

Started it in primary school; I enjoy the intense mental chanllenge it presents and the thinking required.

Subject Interests

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