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A Brief Rethink of Education (Part 1: Intro)

Education is undoubtedly a significant part of society. Education aims to promote the well-being of children – to provide a place where students feel comfortable when learning and encourage the love of learning. Educational institutions are beacons of excitement to discover the world around us, and ultimately, share time with like-minded individuals.

Glossing through the supposed purposes of education has given me thought on whether they actually materialise into reality. What are the problems which education faces and why do they exist? With a contrarian way of thinking, can we see the problems within education? Are standardised tests just a convenient tool to gain maximum efficiency when marking exams? Is homework needed? Where’s all the passion at? Is there a disconnect between educational institutions and parents? Edtech, what are the consequences? Turning schools into businesses? Are we happy?

It is of great importance to think about the issues surrounding education. It is up to us to seek what is meaningful and carry out actions which are right and just. Whether you agree with the perspectives proposed or the comments made here, I aspire to generate discussion and perhaps, make you reflect upon your own initial thoughts.

And as we walk through the 21st century, we have to ask ourselves, are our education systems relevant and keeping up with the progressing society we find ourselves in?

John Tan

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