A Brief Rethink of Education (Part 3: Unnecessary Information Overload) - John Tan

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A Brief Rethink of Education (Part 3: Unnecessary Information Overload)

It is surely bewildering that in a society where information is so easily accessible that pupils are still subject to the excess of information received from teachers. Pupils do not need more information but instead guidance to allow them to judge information which is regarded as relevant and useful from information which is false, such as fake news. Helping pupils to develop skills which best prepare these individuals into the rather uncertain and unpredictable world, is a more fruitful use of time – skills such as communication and inventiveness.

As mentioned before, it is however very difficult both in terms of resources and the magnitude of change needed to switch from education systems which advocate information diffusion to skills-based teaching. Pupils do, and rightfully so, question whether the information they are told to absorb, will be useful in their years to come – subjects which have a strong theoretical frontier and seemingly having little practical use for pupils are further vulnerable to the question of real-life utility.

We need to teach our children how knowledge and information can be indeed useful or bear value. How the application of knowledge can be carried out to solve problems which help other individuals within society. We, as a society, need to decide whether stuffing pupils with information is the best way to educate younger minds; the world is changing faster than ever. Unless the ways of teaching change to one which promotes the importance of skills instead of information, our education systems will become obsolete relative to the pace of change we are seeing in the world. “Let us choose to let machines be machines, and let humans be humans” – Kai-Fu Lee

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