A Brief Rethink of Education (Part 6: Because we all matter) - John Tan

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A Brief Rethink of Education (Part 6: Because we all matter)

Education can be an amazing medium for individuals to find what they love, contribute to the world and ultimately, move society forward. However, we need to shrug off this notion that the education systems around the world do not have problems. Inertia and denial cannot help us in creating an education which considers the uniqueness and sheer brilliance of each and every individual. We have to acknowledge problems such as current education systems creating greater social inequalities to switching our mindsets away from the viewpoint that education is just about academics.

Imagine a world where education is based on passions. Where individuals are taught skills such as critical thinking and empathetic understanding, values of respect and care, an educational system which does not discriminate or exclude. It’s time we change how we perceive education to be.

John Tan

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