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9-1 GCSE History

We pride ourselves on being the only history website to provide comprehensive teaching materials for every single topic of the new 9-1 History GCSE and IGCSE, whichever examination board you teach.


Ancient World

Our library of ancient history resources cover all aspects of the ancient world, including ancient Egypt, the Romans, the Saxons, and the ancient Greeks.


Medieval History

Medieval history resources for use in the classroom to teach students about medieval times, including 1066, the Norman Conquest, Henry II & more.


Early Modern

Worksheets and resources suitable for teaching students about the Early Modern period, covering topics like Oliver Cromwell, Henry VIII, the English Civil War and more.


Industrial Age

Explore the Industrial Age in your classroom with Industrial Revolution worksheets, the French Revolution, Victorian Britain, the Agricultural Revolution and more.


Modern World

Our modern history resources and worksheets cover topics from both UK and international curriculum, including the First World War, World War 2, the Cold War, Nazi Germany, Russia and International Relations.


KS3 History

Browse our history teaching worksheets and revision activities that are specifically for teaching KS3 History in years 7, 8 and 9.


iGCSE History

Browse our online history post that are specifically for use with IGCSE curriculum.


A-Level History

Browse our online A-Level History revision worksheets and resources that are specifically for use with AS/A2 curriculum.