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Computer Science

KS3 / KS4


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Data Representation

Revision theory for data representation, including binary, decimal, and hexadecimal numbers, and the conversions between them.

Data Storage

Topics include compression, storage capacity, types of storage, and the pros and cons of each.


Topics include what a database is, how they are used, how to validate fields, queries, data types and records.


Exploring the ethics of computing, focusing on topics like privacy, copyright, society and more.

Hardware & Software

The physical parts or components of a computer, including monitors, keyboard, memory, storage devices and more.


Covering topics like web servers, cookies, URL's, MAC and IP numbers, Internet Service Providers and more.


How networks work and communicate, how to detect errors, data transmission, and more.


The basics of computer programming, including arrays, iteration loops, validation checks, data types, and more.


Topics include firewalls, phishing, proxy servers, hacking and malware, data encryption, and more.